mitsumori bangkok mitsumori bangkok

TEL: 02-640-8283 MOBILE: 089-209-9818
(Japanese Direct Line)
47/1 Sukhumvit Soi 23, Klong-tan, Klong-toey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

(14:00 last order)
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All days including weekends and national holidays are same schedule.
mitsumori bangkok

The restaurant “Mitsumori” was named after Hisami Mitsumori, the chairman of board of directors of OOTOYA Holdings. Therefore same as OOTOYA we are particular about quality of ingredients and to cook on premises not using ready-made food. There are three fundamental elements of Mitsumori, which are: Yakitori, Soba and Gohan.


Mitsumori uses a trusted brand,"Benja Chiken". It is safe, secure and free of antibiotics and growth promotants.


Soba is one of the most popular and historical Japanese food alike sushi and tempura. Also Soba is loved among diversity of people because of its nutrition and simple yet elegant flavor. Mitsumori uses newly harvested soba flour from HOKKAIDO, JAPAN called Nagawa soba and highly skilled professionals make soba every morning and afternoon in sight. Control amount of water to add on soba dough by feeling dryness and knead firmly. Roll out the dough into oval first and then rectangle using Noshi-Bou, rolling pin. During flattening, sprinkle cornstarch to prevent sticking. Cut them into same width keeping the edge of soba sharp because it affects profoundly the taste of it. Don’t forget to practice an old Japanese custom slurping soba noisily.


GOHAN, rice has been the most common symbol of Japanese food. When asked what Japanese food is, there may be more than a few people imagine something related with rice dish or even rice itself. Therefore, rice is always one of the most important elements in Japanese food.Rice served in Mitsumori called Akitakomachi from Chiangmai, Thailand is delivered right after polish and is cooked with charcoal. Because of its richness in mineral, charcoal enables rice cooked shiny, plump and tasty.


Our food is Additive-free, No MSG, No artificial coloring added. Our mission is to do our best to serve healthy food to promote your health.

We believe that to serve healthy and tasty food to make our customers satisfied/happy there always is JUST ONE ADDITIONAL JOB that we have been doing and we always will.